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Cases of Oil Rig Fires

One of the most common accidents that can happen on an oil platform is the occurrence of a fire. The nature of the work performed on these rigs creates a built in possibility for explosions, as the employees are handling flammable gas and oil on a daily basis. Not only do these platforms actually drill for oil, but they also remain a storehouse for the liquid until it can be brought safely to land. This creates additional risks and one tiny spark can set off the entire rig if the workers are not careful.

In 2010, the incident of Deepwater Horizon resulted in 11 fatalities and many others injured. Our firm stood by some of the families who had lost their loved ones and the individuals who had been harmed in this tragic accident, providing exemplary representation as they sought compensation. With the recent explosion off the coast of Louisiana, we know that there are people who are suffering and in need of financial assistance. As a qualified team of lawyers we are well-versed on what is involved in these types of cases and can provide the type of legal counsel you need to obtain the restitution you deserve.

Reasons for On-site Fires

Although oil rigs are surrounded by water, there is a great potential for serious explosions and fire if necessary precautions are not taken. Any sort of open flame can present the possibility of a catastrophic accident. Incidentally the only way to get work done aboard an oil platform is with welding and cutting tools that produce heat and fire. It is up to the worker's employer to train them in the proper ways to handle their tools so as to them from coming into contact with the flammable fuel aboard the rig. Seemingly minor mistakes can result in horrific endings if necessary precautions are not taken.

Electrical fires can be caused by a number of issues as well. There are certain electrical devices that employees are allowed to use offshore and others that they are prohibited from handling. It is pertinent that individuals abide by the rules set in place for their own safety and the safety of others. Additionally any open wires that have eroded can spark and eventually cause a major fire if not attended to right away. The staff in general must be very aware of their surroundings and the dangerous environment that they are a part of when coming aboard an oil platform. Sometimes even natural occurrences such as lightening can strike the platform, leaving little time for employees to escape the rig before the onset of a fire.

Regardless of the circumstances, many times the oil rig company can be at fault for these types of disasters. They may know full well that there are issues aboard an oil platform, but neglect to do anything about it due to the high cost to their business or just plain negligence. Victims of oil rig explosions and fires should always seek medical attention first for any burns or traumatic injuries they have, and then they should get in contact with an exemplary lawyer as soon as possible.

Obtaining the Proper Legal Help

We are strong advocates for those that have been the untimely target of tragic oil rig accidents. It is our goal that each of our clients receives the adequate representation that they deserve despite the cause of the explosion. Having won billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for past clients, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to assist you during an otherwise difficult time. Get in touch with our legal team immediately to find out more about what they can do on your behalf to recover financial help. Fill out our free case evaluation today so that we can learn more about your case and get you started on the path towards getting the assistance you need.

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