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Brain & Spinal Injuries From Oil Platform Explosions

Oil Rig Explosion Attorney

As an oil rig worker, you must be aware of the many eminent dangers and risks associated with the job. Thousands of workers sustain serious brain or spinal injuries or even lose their lives because of platform explosions and their families may not know who to turn to in their time of need. That is where we come in! At Arnold & Itkin our oil rig explosion lawyers have extensive experience with cases of this nature and they are committed to helping oil rig workers across U.S. and foreign waters when they are injured in an accident.

When the Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico back in April of 2010, there was a substantial explosion that killed 11 men and injured many others. It was one of the largest accidental marine oil spills to occur in the history of the petroleum industry. Our legal team proudly represented nearly one third of the crewmembers who worked on the ship, and we helped them in their efforts to heal and recover compensation for their injuries.

Have you suffered a brain injury while offshore?

The working conditions on offshore oil rigs are extremely unsafe and many people do not take into consideration the hazards that are posed to oil rig workers. There are many injuries that cam be sustained from an oil rig explosion, but one of the most catastrophic is that of brain damage. The brain is the main organ that helps direct the rest of the body in its every day functions and even the smallest brain injury can have a devastating impact on your future. It does not matter if you sustained a closed or open head injury, the side effects of a traumatic brain injury can seriously impact your everyday functionality. Some classic indicators of a brain injury may include dizziness, swelling, loss of consciousness, a concussion, seizures, insomnia or even just a slight change in behavior. Unfortunately when it comes to brain injuries, there are ways to stabilize the patient but brain damage is irreversible and may cause physical and financial hardship for the rest of your life. Speak with an oil rig attorney at our firm today and we can help you recover restitution not only for today but for future medical expenses as well.

About Spinal Cord Injuries

In any given year, there are approximately 10,000 reported cases of spinal cord injuries, the majority of those victims being men. Due to the unique hazards in a seamen's line of work, there are many dangers to oil rig workers that result in spinal trauma. When an accident results in a spinal cord injury, the brain may have a difficult time sending signals out to the rest of the body. This could have severe consequences and even affect the victim's ability to move and control other bodily motor functions. In very severe cases, the victim could become paralyzed or even quadriplegic. Unfortunately, because the spine is so delicate, it does not easily repair itself and the damage may be irreversible. This means that a spine injury victim could experience a permanent loss in wages while having to pay for ongoing medical bills for constant care. This financial hardship is not yours to bear.

If you have fallen victim to a brain or spinal cord injury due to an oil rig explosion, let us fight for you! At Arnold & Itkin, our team of dedicated attorneys has already recovered billions of dollars for injured seamen and has worked to maximize their compensation. We provide our clients with compassionate, top-notch legal representation when they need it most. Our attorneys are well-versed in maritime laws, including the Jones Act and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve a favorable outcome for your case.

Contact an oil rig explosion attorney from Arnold & Itkin LLP today for the aggressive legal counsel you need and deserve!

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