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Burn Injuries from Oil Rig Explosions

For individuals employed on offshore oil rigs, there is a consistently high risk of danger and the possibility of serious injury. Thousands of accidents occur each year on both rigs and platforms and from 2006-2009 there were 30 recorded incidents of fatalities. In 2010, the Deepwater Horizon incident left many people severely hurt and 11 people dead. Arnold & Itkin LLP was able to represent these victims skillfully and with great dedication, gaining compensation for the individuals and their families that had experienced suffering.

We also recognize that with the most recent oil platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico that there will be those seeking restitution for their loss. It is our goal to protect our clients' rights and work tirelessly to obtain the highest possible financial assistance that is available during the aftermath of such a tragedy.

Causes of Fires

One of the most common ways that workers may experience significant harm at the hands of an oil rig accident comes in the form of burn injuries. Whether there is a defective piece of equipment, eroded electrical materials on board or just a simple mistake by one of the employees, there is a great potential for extreme fires or explosions. Any form of chemical spill or exposed power lines can quickly escalate into creating a dangerous fire.

Additionally, external factors such as treacherous water or stormy weather can greatly influence the possibility of problems aboard the rig. Unfortunately, due to the fact that oil rig workers are out at sea, there is very little time for them to escape from these types of imminent dangers, leaving many people helpless in the event of an accident.

Types of Burns

Injury in the form of a burn can be life-altering to an individual. While first and second degree burns are much more manageable and easily treated, third and fourth degree burns can continue to affect a person throughout their lifetime. Charring the skin and extending its damage down below the deeper layers of the dermis, these types of burns can be so harmful that amputations may sometimes be required. Not only are burns painful, but they can lead to other conditions such as gangrene or in severe cases even be the cause of death. Individuals that must suffer prolonged damage, requiring weeks or months of healing time and the possibility of physical therapy can be out of work and without income. It is imperative that those who have been a victim of a burn injury seek medical attention first and secondly, the assistance of an accomplished attorney.

Oil Rig Explosion Lawyers At Your Side

At our firm, we realize that those who work out at sea on various oil rigs and platforms are constantly putting their lives at risk. We know that those who have experienced injuries at the hand of an oil rig explosion deserve qualified legal assistance to get the best results possible. Medical expenses can quickly add up, not to mention the stress of making ends meet without the income of the person injured.

With a compassionate understanding towards your case, it is our goal that you recover the financial compensation you deserve during such a difficult time. Having obtainedbillions in verdicts and settlements in the last five years alone for our past clients, we are confident in our knowledge and expertise in the area of oil rig related injuries. Allow us to take a look at your case by calling us for a free initial consultation. If you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to look at common questions we receive and our applicable answers.

Contact our firm today to receive assistance from a qualified oil rig explosion attorney.

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