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Oil Rig Explosion Lawyer

Cases of Wrongful Death

Every employee that chooses to live and work on an oil rig is constantly putting their lives on the line. There is known risk for any person aboard an oil platform as the purpose of their job is to extract natural gas and oil under immense pressure into a harsh atmosphere. Accidents can easily happen from a simple mistake as the work environment is so treacherous. Costing many individuals their lives, it has been reported that from 2001-2010 there were 69 offshore deaths off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico alone.

Who can file a wrongful death claim?

While fatalities can occur from natural causes and other avenues while aboard an oil rig, it is the job of the employer to provide their workers with the proper equipment and training to maintain a safe environment. In the event that there is a fire, proper investigations must be made to determine the party at fault for any explosion injuries or death. When the maritime employer is found to be responsible for a preventable accident leading to fatalities, a wrongful death suit can be filed. It is a civil action suit where the guilty party must prove their innocence and give proof as to why they are not liable.

It is important that there must be substantial reasoning and evidence to reveal that the employer's direct actions, or lack thereof, were the imminent cause of wrongful death. Once this has been proven the spouse, children or next of kin of the deceased may sue for damages. If the child has lost both of his or her parents, they may bring forth a suit and conversely speaking, parents can sue for the loss of their children. Compensation for the family is typically calculated by looking at the salary of the individual lost and considering how much income they would have brought in if they had continued to live and work. Be sure to talk with an accomplished wrongful death lawyer to determine your eligibility for pursuing legal action.

Recovered Billions of Dollars for Our Clients

At Arnold & Itkin LLP we recognize the danger that is associated with employment on oil rigs and the possibility of serious accidents. We represent U.S. workers who have been injured in various types of oil rig explosion incidents by providing exemplary legal counsel and attention to detail. Additionally we seek to aid families dealing with the loss of a loved one due to an oil platform explosion. We have been able to utilize our exemplary legal tactics and recover billions of dollars. After the tragic Deepwater Horizon case in 2010, we were able to successfully represent some of the victims and enable them to move forward with their lives. Pursuing legal action in these types of cases can be extremely difficult and complicated without the assistance of a qualified lawyer. Please do not hesitate to contact our office today to learn more about what we can do on your behalf.

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